Lift Your Legacy Podcast is a passion project focused on taking the most successful people in a Jewish sense and bringing them to the public. So many people are put on pedestals for the wrong reasons; the money, the fame, the looks. What about the other, profound demographics of success; having achieved a deep sense of purpose, living a life in service of others, building marriages and families, being healthy, and giving back?For a lot of us, we look at our leaders and spiritual personalities as removed; holy, inspiring, and great…but not like us. We figure there is some distance separating us from them. In truth, behind every towering success is a path, and clues, and a person that was willing to take that journey to become who they are.

By leveraging the intimate medium of the podcast, we can lift up the mask, get behind the curtain, and peer into the inner workings of people who live exemplary lives. And to an extent, we too can grow, become inspired, and inspire others.

Judaism and the Jewish people are the ultimate long game; we aren’t in it for us. We are in it for our children, and our children’s children. And more than ever before, we have to become the mentors for our generation.

We have it in us. We can lift our legacy.


Self Help
Jacob Rupp on How a kid from a broken home lost 100 lbs, found orthodox Judaism, and reinvented himself


Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko
The innovator of the largest Jewish social network on self discovery, purpose, and the courage to think outside the box


Matt Sweetwood
Master branding expert and single father of five on how to properly present yourself, why your story matters, and how to raise good kids.


Eliyahu Rubanovich

Father of Nine and Co-Founder of Two of Jerusalem’s Most Prolific Educational Institutions on How to Raise Happy Children, Practice Daily Gratitude, and Nearly Lose Everything without Losing Your Mind.


Rabbi Mordechai Teller

Rabbi of Young Professionals in Los Angeles on Demanding the Same of Yourself as you do your Students, Millennial Education, and Why You Need to Find Passion in Your Work


Rabbi Gavriel Friedman

Despite Thousands of Raving Fans Internationally, He Struggled With Burnout. How one influencer found his stride again, found balance in his life, and moved forward.


Rabbi Avraham Edelstein

Founder of One of the Largest Jewish Organizations in the World Addresses How to Continually Innovate in Your Career, Build an Organization Bigger than Yourself, and to Stick With Your Strengths.


Rabbi Shlomo Seidenfeld

Businessman? Rabbi? Both?
Why Ancient Texts Still Talk to Us, How to Glean Lessons From the Bible, and How to Inspire Your Children.


Jackie Engle

Celebrity Psychologist Turned Jewish Educator on the Role of Judaism Today, How to Find Your Calling, and Living a Life of Balance,Jackie Engel Breaks Down Hacks to Self Discovery, Barriers to Success, and The Challenges Facing Young People Today


Life Transformation and Self Actualization with Rivka Malka Perlman

As a life coach and founder of The Redemption School of Coaching and Transformation, Rivka Malka pulls from her own experiences of hitting rock bottom, feeling truly helpless and miserable, and eventually, through a lot of hard work and introspection, coming out on the other side.


Turning self-development into a business that changes the world with Simcha Gluck

Simcha Gluck is the co-founder of FreshBiz and author of The New Entrepreneurz. In this week’s episode, Simcha details his experience with self-development and how his work impacted his personal and professional and religious life.


Everything You Thought About Marriage Was Wrong

Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin are marriage counselors who have worked with thousands of couples to restore their marriages. The old saying, “it takes one to know one,” is particularly relevant for this couple, who found themselves on the brink of destruction early on in their marriage and sought help to turn things around.


Being Real in a Fake World with Daniel Gefen

Can I Pick Your Brain? podcast producer and content creator Daniel Gefen shares so many of the insights he’s collected from his various conversations with social influencers, wildly successful businesspeople, and even a billionaire, in this week’s episode.


Powering the Future with the Strength of Your Network with Duvi Honig, CEO and Founder of the Parnassah Expo and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce

A distinctly energetic and visionary entrepreneur, Duvi Honig has built a world class network of diverse businesses and business services to enhance the business prospects of the world’s Orthodox Jewish communities through innovative economic development and public policy initiatives.


Changing the world and staying sane while doing it with Lori Palatnik

Lori Palatnik is a writer and Jewish educator, who has appeared on television and radio and is the author of several books.
She is a much sought-after international speaker, having lectured in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Central America, South America, South Africa and Israel, including featured talks at Yale, Brown, and Penn.


Find Your Mate by Finding Yourself with Modern Day Matchmaker Shira Teichman

Shira Teichman, M.A. is the founder of Breakthrough Dating, a revolutionary approach to dating that’s taking the Jewish world by storm! We offer private coaching and workshops that empower you to date with a fresh, positive outlook and insightful perspective. Our method is endorsed by leading experts and has successfully facilitated 20+ engagements since we launched in November 2014. To find out more, visit www.BreakthroughWorldwide.com or email Shira@BreakthroughWorldwide.com.


Man’s Search for Happiness with R’ David Aaron

At some point in our lives, we all find ourselves asking questions about our lives, our general existence, our purpose, and yearning for more. We want to find the meaning of Happiness with a capital “H” and we’ll search everywhere outside of ourselves for answers. Rabbi David Aaron has grappled with these questions, both within himself and while guiding others, and provides deep insight to understanding where these questions come from and how we can conceptualize the answers.


Redefining Your Judaism w/ PopChassid’s Elad Nehorai

If you’ve ever grappled with finding your creative voice while learning the ancient pathways of Judaism, chances are you’ve run into Elad’s writings along the way.As author of Pop Chassid and founder of Hevria, Elad has been tackling issues at the intersection of creativity and piety from a Jewish background for years now, bringing so many unspoken but oft-experienced ideas to light for countless readers.His writings open a space for creative discussion and deep introspection among his audience and have put concrete words to the feelings, emotions, and experiences of creative and religious change and growth.


 Timeless Torah Wisdom with R’ Mordechai Becher

Rabbi Mordechai Becher has been answering questions about Jewish life and thought for many years, having written one of the most comprehensive books on Judaism, Gateway to Judaism, and working as a senior lecturer at Ohr Somayach Yeshiva in Jerusalem and Yeshiva University in New York. As a rabbi and speaker, he has helped countless unaffiliated Jews reconnect with their heritage and find meaning in their Judaism, and continues to do so through his online and in-person classes on all things Jewish living


 On Living a Disruptive Life with R’ Shalom Garfinkel

In this week’s episode, Rabbi Shalom Garfinkel of JETYP Chicago and founder of Project 613, delves into his personal journey into Judaism and how he found answers to his most nagging questions, “what do I want, what should I want, and what should I want out of life?” Rabbi Garfinkel first encountered these questions in college during late night organic chem study sessions, but struggled to find answers from his peers and professors, whom he assumed had themselves been seeking the truth. His search, like so many before him and so many after, led him to Ohr Somayach Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where he gained the tools to answer those questions and many more that would come up throughout his life


What Burning Man Will Never Achieve w/ R’ Doniel Katz

Rav Doniel Katz is a fire-starter. A revolutionary. A former filmmaker who was sent on a path by G-d to find his true self.
In this week’s episode, he explains that the global epidemic of spiritual disconnection isn’t just limited to people growing up without a religious dogma; but even within the homes and hearts of the most committed practitioners of Orthodoxy.Through the Elevation Project, Rav Katz works to create a pathway for those seeking true spirituality; both for those who grew up without a connection to Judaism, and more recently, those who did but didn’t find the answers they were looking for. The road isn’t easy.


 Living a Joyful & Purposeful Life with Bracha Goetz

What does living a joyful life mean to Bracha Goetz? How do parents frame the reality of the difficulties of life within a child’s lens? How do we equip our children with the emotional understanding necessary to handle life’s tough questions when they arise? And what does it really feel like to fulfill your purpose in life?


 Peace of Mind in the Digital Age with Yaakov Lehman

Do you use your iPhone, or does your iPhone use you?
In just under 10 years, the average person’s attention span decreased from 12 seconds to 8. With technology encroaching on every part of our lives, are we living in a nightmare or a world of amazing opportunity?Rabbi Yaakov Lehman, Chief Executive Integrator of the wildly successful Wisdom Tribe, advocates that with the right tools we not only won’t get swallowed up by the new wave of tech, but thrive and use it to build a world spoken about by the prophets.


Defining Your Boundaries and Setting Your Limits with Sandy Weiner

Sandy Weiner is the Chief Love Officer at her dating and coaching website, Last Date First, where she helps single women over 40 find their deeper values and take control of their life’s direction.After navigating her own divorce and learning to rekindle her own soul, Sandy began coaching others in similar situations to help them through their own journeys. She suggests that an important step in rebuilding after a difficult experience in life is to get clarity on the values in one’s life.

Solo Episodes


  Is Balance Even A Goal?

Three helpful strategies to help people wearing many hats accomplish more, feel better about themselves, and take control of their situation.


  Confessions of an Orthodox Jewish Husband

In this episode, I delve into my search for security, and why its so hard for men to open up about their failings.
The truth is that we all struggle but until we being to articulate our struggles we feel all alone.
I open up about the struggles I had growing up, and some valuable lessons I learned and gleaned from others along the way.

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