Duvi Honig’s OJC Business Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp


 Achieving The American Dream and Having Fun Doing It with Anthony Scaramucci

This week we are privileged to have Skybridge founder and former head of the White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci. He is speaking to us days before he is set to depart on a trip to Israel with Duvi Honig and the OJC to see business opportunities in the Holy Land.


 How to Find Your Greatest Advantage in Business with Kivi Bernhard

Kivi Berhnard is the author of the best selling business book Lepordolagy and an internationally sought after sales trainer for the top companies in the world.Famously, he put his values above his business when he turned down giving the keynote address at Microsoft when it fell out on Shabbat. No money could change his mind, and in response, Bill Gates commented that Kivi had something that Mr. Gates couldn’t buy.


 How to Have Five Sharks Fight Over Investing In Your Product with Entrepreneur and Former NFL Player Chris Gronkowski

In our amazing first episode Chris Gronkowski, former NFL player turned entrepreneur shares exclusively with our listeners his entrepreneurial insights of how he successfully turned his idea into reality and his experience of pitching it on ABC’s Shark Tank.