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From the Golden Gate to the City of Gold

Before JACOB RUPP started his career as a rabbi and coach, empowering people to find their spiritual destiny and create the lives they desire, he had his share of obstacles to overcome. Battling obesity and growing up with a verbally abusive alcoholic father, Jacob struggled to find meaning in his life, and make sense of his reform Jewish upbringing. Though he fought his mother each time she suggested he learn more about his Judaism, he discovered while in college that learning Torah had the potential to unlock his deepest needs for contribution and self discovery. Jacob’s story is a perfect example of how anyone can overcome the obstacles in their life and achieve their higher calling. Fast forward a few short years, and Jacob has been able to empower hundreds of people develop their spiritual identity, get healthy, and live a life on their own terms.

Despite failing Hebrew three times in college, being rejected from reform Rabbinical school, and having lost all contact with his father from the time he was in high school, Jacob persevered. He lost over 100lbs, has spent over a decade in Jewish outreach, and is using his experience to show that anything is possible. He is now happily married for over ten years, has four amazing children, is an orthodox rabbi, published author, artist, and fitness enthusiast.

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